Monday, 2 July 2012

Rambling round The Wirral

It’s Monday – a bit early.

Sitting up with Insomnia.  I wonder if anyone has called their daughter Insomnia – after all, most daughters are regular providers of it from one day old.…  Anyway, my Insomnia doesn’t really have a capital I.  And it’s had the advantage of giving me a chance to do a few last minute things on the computer and to say ‘Cheerio’ again to Son-who-watches-films   who is a night owl.

 Thinking of Richard and owls, I was reminded that I never showed you one of the rather super presents he gave me on Father's Day in the mniddle of last month.  A flask to keep cold water in my rucksack.  Not only useful and safer than the plastic water bottle I currently carry but also very attractive. 

 Yesterday GB and I had a most enjoyable day wandering around locally and if the weather wasn’t great at least it wasn’t pouring down.

We went to the big garden centre down the road.  (One of those that has lots of plants but in whose indoor section the gardening stuff is far outweighed by everything from books to tea sets, jigsaw puzzles to jackets and incense sticks to gift cards.) As always I got home wondering why I hadn’t bought certain items.  The answer, of course, is money. Nevertheless there is a tinge of regret at only having picked up some niger seed for the birds and not having bought a rather nice 1000 piece jigsaw to do next Christmas.  I also looked long and hard a little wooden frog since we are going to Frog End this week. But then, Friend-über-special having recemtly commented on all the 'stuff' that she ends up with after a parental visit perhaps it's as well that the frog stayed where it was. Every time I see Daughter-who-takes-photos or Daughter-who-loves-food I seem to end up giving them things to fill up their houses to over-flowing.  The former will have the sense to 'charity-shop' any items she doesn't really want or need but Daughter-who-loves-food is a hoarder like me (perhaps even worse) so I hope I'm not doing too much damage to her household arrangements.

And the garden centre had a rather good, life-size model fox but at £90 it wasn’t going anywhere. 

GB was tempted to add to his collection of Tilley hats but resisted.  We also resisted the temptation to have lunch there and came home for a salad lunch of the type we usually have at GB’s.  The temptation to have it in the garden centre’s café died when I realised how noisy and crowded it was. 

Leaving the car park we had to briefly park up again after we caught sight of a sign that GB just had to photograph and which hopefully he’ll blog for you some time soon.  It was wonderful.

I had managed to go out without my camera.  A most unusual happening – normally it even goes to the shops and library with me.  GB had also gone without his main camera.  That was equally unusual, and for both of us to forget them was totally unheard of. (That’s one sentence I can’t easily avoid ending with a preposition and which certainly merits its exclamation mark.)  Being from our family, GB had a back-up camera in the boot and of course, there were always phone cameras to fall back on.  

I came across this re-usable bag the other day and thought the wording rather amusing.  But when I pursued the idea of checking on the Savestuff website it had disappeared. "Sorry, the website cannot be found."  I wonder what happened to it?

I imagine I might be a bit busy to blog over the next few days so I hope they are good for you. And, in the meantime, bee good...

 À bientôt. 


P.S. Thinking of doing a new signature for the bottom of the posts on this blog – using my whole name rather than my forename alone sounds a bit stand-offish…


  1. Glad that there was, after all, a camera between the two of you to show us more of your visit!

    It sounds like a good day and you were both being very sensible regarding buying (or not) stuff at the garden centre.

  2. Yes. It was a Good Day. I shall try and blog the sign before we leave for Niece-Who-Takes-Photos in 1 hr 25 mins. Being Edwardses we will be leaving at 0840. A totally arbitrary time we chose last night but, having been chosen, will be adhered to.

  3. Sorry about the insomnia. It's awful - I see 0230 often enough to be very sympathetic!

  4. Sorry about your insomnia, but good to find you fit for a bit of rambling! And congratulations on all the resisting of temptations. :)

  5. That is a wonderful name for a daughter. Isn't frugality a royal pain in the hoo-ha? I have much catching up to do on various blogs, including yours. I don't think you need worry about your signature. Your BLOG is not in the same territory as stand-offish, so the signature is not a problem. I feel as if you are sitting in a wing back chair, chatting.

    And, an observation from the other side of the pond... There is not a possibility that, in the states, we would have a sign so civil as to say "Keep the States tidy." No, we simply have a circle with the line through it followed by the word "trash" WITH an Exclamation Point, or, perhaps "Garbage!" And list a penalty.

    Tomorrow is our big Independence Day stuff. Firworks, cookouts, and beer. Mostly beer.

    1. We actually have an organisation called 'Keep Britain Tidy' - an environmental charity and the anti-litter campaign for England. It was formed over 50 years ago and their catchphrase is used everywhere.
      Enjoy your July 4th!

  6. Great post! Do you remember the old Frankie Howard show where all the ancient Romans had names like Ammonia, Vitreous, etc.? But I don't remember whether or not he had a character named Insomnia. However, I do remember the seeress who ran around screaming, "Woe, woe, woe is me! The Prologue, the Prologue."

    I obviously have very high-brow tastes!! :o)

    1. Yes, Carol, I recall Frankie Howard's 'Up Pmpeii' very well. Do your taste must be excellent as I never admit to anyhting else! It was considered a bit risque when it was first shown! Or 'fresh' even - a term I hadn't heard in years until yesetrday when a man commented to his wife that some birthday cards in a garden centre were 'a bit fresh'. I must blog an example of th cards and mention the man's comment on my word blog some time.


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